About Us
Expressions School of Performing Arts
2825 N. Highway 41 ~ Post Falls, ID 83854 ~ Ph: (208) 457-9022  ~ Email Us
Why Choose Us?
If all dance and music studios offer friendly instructors and a Performance aren’t they all the same? Does it really matter where you enroll at? YES! We have provided you with 5 things to consider that will make a huge difference in the Quality of Instruction your child receives, the Choice and Convenience for you the parent, and the
overall satisfaction of being involved with a dance or music program.
Qualified, Caring Instructors
Our instructors are selected not only for their excellence in dance, but for their ability to relate to the typical needs of our students. Most of our Instructors are parents themselves and understand the importance of a structured learning environment with a loving approach.  Our instructors also attend annual training conventions to continue to advance their technique and classroom approach.
Choice & Convenience
Students and Parents can choose from a wide range of dance, acting, voice, and music programs as well as Zumba, Ballroom and more at our studio. Our Fall Dance program offers over 100 Dance Classes per week with more than 9 different Instructors who have a variety of backgrounds and teaching styles ensuring that parents and students can find the right personality fit.  We also offer convenient Private Voice and Private Music lessons which will enable you to schedule multiple classes on the same day and time for your children.
Class Size
If the class has fewer students in it, each child will receive more personalized attention, learn more, and have more fun! Our smaller class size with our youngsters ensures that no fundamental concepts
are being missed. We also employ student demonstrators to ensure that all students receive this individual attention in each class. We limit
our Primary and Beginning classes to a maximum of 10 students per class. Our cutoff for fall enrollment is the end of October so there will not
be students continually joining the classrooms and therefore disrupting the class progress by back tracking for new students.
Learning Dance and Music is not just a matter        of having a qualified teacher, but also in creating a   learning environment that is focused on Dance and Music education. In our school your child will not be distracted by a t.v., ringing phones, siblings or anything else. With only ½  to one hour of lesson time per week, our professional school environment can produce better results since the only focus at that time is learning. They will also be motivated by watching peers who are at different levels and by being exposed to a variety of the arts. In our school, the lessons are not just a hobby or sideline for our teacher but a responsibility which is taken very seriously.  Our Facility ensures that safety is a priority in providing a professional “floating” floor with a vinyl composite known as “Marley” to absorb the impact of dance activity.  We want our students to be able to physically enjoy dance for a lifetime!
Customer Service & the “Extras”
Our knowledgeable, helpful desk staff are available to assist you during all class times. We strive to provide great customer service and to take care of all the "details" of attending lessons so they are hassle free and enjoyable. Expressions provides a Professional Theater for our year end productions.  We do not charge a recital fee only a costume fee.  You pay only for the costumes that your child participates in. Our studio uses professional costume companies to produce these costumes and if any alterations are needed the studio takes care of this with our seamstress. The end result is a beautiful themed production where each student is given the opportunity to SHINE!